Latest books by Andy Owens

Our Eric: A Tribute to Eric Portman

(Sigma Press, Sept 2013)
First-ever biography of British film star and theatre actor Eric Portman (1901-1969).

The author, who was born in the same town as Eric, has had access to archive photographs, private family documents, media interviews, press reports and original memories of many people who knew Eric, including relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours and fans.

Includes a Foreword by Eric's nephews, Michael and John Portman.

The Police and the Paranormal

(CFZ Press, 2011)

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Police officers' alleged encounters with ghosts, UFOs, cattle mutilations, spontaneous human combustion and other strange phenomena. Further details at Amazon.

With a Foreword by Reverend Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

Walking On Aire

(4Ward Books, 2010)

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My Quest for adventure along Yorkshire's "exotic" river

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