Reviews of Walking on Aire

Walking on AireGoole Times and Selby Post
‘…quite simply a good read. Written with good Yorkshire humour we all love….whether you like to read a book in one go, or pop in and out when you’ve got time, both types of readers will enjoy the experience… I can only say, I hope another one’s in the pipeline, Andy…a great stocking filler or just a present on its own.’   

The Big Issue in the North (magazine)
‘A humorous travel book for the Yorkshire explorer and an honest reflection of traversing the English countryside…both entertaining and educating.’  

customer review at
‘A hidden gem……a great little book based on a knowingly loopy idea: to attempt a navigation of ‘epic’ proportions along the decidedly un-exotic River Aire…Should be read more widely.’

Real Travel (magazine)
‘…witty observations scattered throughout the book … often amusing … There is a Bryson-esque quality to Owens’ trip and encounters…’

TGO - The Great Outdoors (magazine)
‘…quickly and easily read…Owens’ style shares some similarities with former TGO columnist Mike Harding, and the droll complaining you might have seen on TV’s Grumpy Old Men; much is based on casual observation, odd encounters and self-deprecation….He raises smiles without resorting to the coarse material on which too many ‘comics’ rely…’

Telegraph & Argus (Bradford)
‘…a witty travelogue with a nostalgic slant, blending Andy’s wry observations with references to great adventurers and quirky historic facts.’

private e-mail from a journalist
‘We get loads of books to review, most of which are crap, but yours was great, really loved your writing style…humour…it was just well written.

The Dalesman (magazine)
‘An amusing middle-aged meander down the Aire Valley. The River Aire might not provide the drama and excitement of the Amazon but the Yorkshire author finds enough to keep the reader occupied…’

Towpath Talk (magazine)
‘…a variety of amusing situations…Owens’ cheerful and tongue-in-cheek tales offer a lively account…with never a dull moment.’  

Halifax Courier
‘…his first move was to find the source of the Aire…just one of many hilarious episodes in the book.’  

Canal Boat (magazine)
‘It’s entertaining, full of odd encounters and quirky snippets of local history.’  (British Waterways website)
‘…a travel book with a difference - a personal account…with a nod to some of history’s great explorers.’

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* Interviewed twice on BBC Radio Leeds
* Blurb and Front Cover appeared in Yorkshire Ridings Magazine and on the website of the Long Distance Walker’s Association -

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